Silvera Machine


The procedure cannot be perfect with the superior-quality PMU cosmetics and cutting-edge equipment and machine. We emphasize excellent service and safety, including needles pre-sterilization disposable to prevent cross contamination of blood and body fluids. Furthermore, to ensure complete sanitation, the  instructors are strongly encouraged to use disposable barrier film on the operating machine and everything they touch during the procedure.



Silvera Machine Kit 230V
Is suggested for experienced specialists. The capacities are easy to use and includes an ideal and sleekly designed exquisite silver casing, it is an updated rendition of the Mosaic machine which replaces its different parts. This sleek machine uses helpful, single screw-on disposable needle cartridges: which includes, a 12 Prong Duo (excellent for Ombre and Shading Technique), 17 Prong U-Shape (specifically used for Hair Strokes and Powdering Technique), and last but not least our Nano 96 Needle (designed for Facial Micro Needling)–all are met with latest health department required standards. The Silvera Machine is one of the most up to date, top notch machines that gives elite and accurate precision.

Kit Includes: Machine, machine oil, adaptor, foot pedal, 2 Pure Pigments 3ml and 8 needle cartridges (1 of each).