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What is Watershine Covered BB Glow Service?

Watershine Covered BB Glow treatment is a new and hot skin care trend from Korea and Europe which is non-invasive, pain free, has no downtime and can be done even on people with sensitive skin which then will lead to great skin results after just 1 procedure.

By using our latest nano applicator, we will penetrate to the second layer of the skin which will then stimulate our natural collagen production as well as offering more benefits. Collagen gives your skin structure and elasticity to your skin. However, by age your body will not produce as much collagen which will lead your skin to have wrinkles, less firmness and less elasticity.

BB Glow treatments will be done alongside our ampoule made from natural ingredients which uses our nano applicator to penetrate into the skin.

It treats including: unclogs your pores, it speeds up the growth of new skin cells, it reduces the impact of ageing skin cells, Acne Scaring, Pigmentation, Freckles, Age spots, Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

Some Improvements You may Notice

  • Skin is more even, brighter radiant, fewer freckles, less skin discoloration,  fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smaller Pores
  • Helps the skin look healthy 
  • No more dark eye circles
  • No more acne scars
  • Helps brighten skin, shine, moisturize and make skin smooth.

What Machine do we use?

The procedure cannot be perfect with the superior-quality PMU cosmetics and cutting-edge equipment and machine. We emphasize excellent service and safety, including needles pre-sterilization disposable to prevent cross contamination of blood and body fluids. Furthermore, to ensure complete sanitation, the  instructors are strongly encouraged to use disposable barrier film on the operating machine and everything they touch during the procedure.

What is Nano Applicator?

We use Biotouch’s Nano Applicator! The Biotouch Accupoint series needles/ Applicator are used for all permanent makeup procedures. Starting from our machine parts down to our needles, are all individually wrapped for all our clients safety. All our parts are designed with safety in mind, and are needles are made of surgical stainless steel T316 and most hygienic for the best and lasting results.

What Ampoules do we use?

We use Leen Na Young ampoules. Covered BB is used ampoule with natural color particles in it like BB Cream, which gives it the same effect as applying BB Cream on face after the procedure.

Here at BB Glow Bangkok we take pride with using only the best ampoules formulated in the market. LEEN by Master Lee Na Young of Pitangui Beauty Academy from Korea was specially created by doctors for clinical use. Besides that the ampoule are KFDA approved. We are the only distributor of LEEN Brand in Thailand.

All about Watershine Covered BB Ampoule

What is Watershine BB Glow?

Cool Vanilla

Cool Vanilla is a great ampoule for toning up your skin making your skin glow.

What is Watershine BB Glow?

Warm Sand

Warm Sand is a great ampoule for a skin tone up for client's with darker skin color, also to make the skin glow.

What is Watershine BB Glow?


Rose ampoule is great for rosy cheeks (blushing).

What is Watershine BB Glow?


Mocha is great for for contouring your face shape for the most natural look.

What is Watershine BB Glow?

Gold Serum

Gold Serum ampoule is great to make the skin glossy. Besides that it helps to speed up the reproduction of new skin cells.

Our Portfolio


The STF140 ampoule is great for skin hydration and regeneration. Besides that it helps tone up, reduce scars and wrinkles.

Why BB Glow Thailand?

Certified Studio

All Instructors are experts in teaching BB Glow! Trained by Director Lee Na Young from Pitangui Aesthetic & Academy Korea

Certified Studio

Raised hundreds of thousands of successful technicians

Certified Studio

Products used are FDA approved and is covered by safety product liability insurance

Certified Studio

CE approved machines and is overed by safety product liability insurance

Certified Studio

We are the first institute to bring BB Glow course and service to Thailand from Korea

Certified Studio

Biotouch meets all requirements with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department

Certified Studio

We have high ranking instructors teaching the most updated skills and techniques

Certified Studio

Provides certificates of sterilization as proof of sterile needles safety products indicate lot # and expiration date for protection

Watershine BB Glow Steps:

1.) Deep Facial Cleansing

For The best Watershine BB Glow Results before we start the treatment we will deep cleanse our client's face with Dermalogica products base on our client's skin type to remove any surface oils and debris while giving our client's facial reflexology to relax and help remove stress.

2.) Blush and Contour

For client's that wish to contour their face shape for the most natural look or wish to have rosy cheeks this step will be done after the Watershine BB Glow treatment.

2.) BB Glow Treatment

After we deep cleanse our client's face, we will apply ampoule onto our client's face and then start the treatment. Our ampoules are specially created by doctors for clinical use. Besides that the ampoule are KFDA and Thai FDA approved.

3.) Omega Light Therapy

Omega light therapy is a medical grade treatment that improves skin conditions such as acne, acne scars, pigmentation, and sensitive skin.

Clients share their experience

I love this treatment very much. My acne scars are reduced by a lot, besides that my face got brighter and my face feels smoother! Thank you BB Glow Bangkok. Will definitely come back again.
Ms. Sandra
Stefanie J.
I would like to thank BB glow Bangkok for the amazing treatment which made my face flawless! My dark spots and fine-lines reduced and I am beyond happy!
Ms. Sandra
Pangthip C.
Highest Quality Facial treatment and training for Watershine Covered Bb Glow in Thailand! Using the one and only clinical grade standard ampoules from Korea (LEEN) and Dermalogica facial care system. Highly recommend! Like
Ms. Sandra
Cindy C.

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