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All your burning questions concerning Watershine Covered BB Glow answered on this page! May it  be questions concerning the BB Glow course, the BB Glow ampoules, and the BB Glow service! 

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Secrets to the K-beauty Skin trend?

BB Glow Treatment is the key to the glossy, flawless skin of many woman nowadays.

Beauty Must come Alongside safety

At our institute we make sure to keep the service room and classroom clean. Besides that we only use safe products and material for the treatment because for us safety is our top priority.

Work Hard to Succeed

If you are planning to have your own BB Glow business and do not know where to start, where to study and what to do! We are here to support you!

Questions You May Have about the BB Glow Course

A BB Glow Course at BB Glow Bangkok is a 1 days course.

  • Gain knowledge and understanding about the basics of dermatology/ skin structure/ skin type and function
  • Efficacy of BB Glow Treatment
  • Learn how to prepare the skin before the BB glow procedure
  • All about Ampoules
  • BB Glow process
  • Get to watch a demonstration of BB glow procedure along with how to do pink cheeks with our blushing technique and how to contour with our contouring technique on real models
  • Follow up care
  • Professional BB Glow business kit
  • Receive a certificate from International Beauty and Body Art Training Center (IBBA)
  • Class material & all study manual
  • 5% Discount on all merchandise
  • Lifelong commitment of Biotouch support
  • Free refresher course within 1 year (depending on your time)
  • Dermalogica Mini Set
  • Your own BB Glow Logo

You will get a certificate from IBBA (International Beauty and Body Art Training Center)

Yes you will! Do not worry, all the students that had studied BB Glow with us are able to work on their own BB Glow client without any problems.

For those who have studied with us, will now be able to use our official trademarked logos to present and showcase their work that comes with a unique ID code as well!
BB Glow Bangkok Student Benefits:
  • Stand out from the crowd as a professional: We will present your work on our official website all of our certified technicians in Thailand and students from around the world to showcase their portfolio so that customers can easily find a trusted and reputable source to get their “Watershine Covered BB Glow” service.
  • Your individual unique logo is one of a kind, and showcase your work to the world
  • This logo reflects your hard work and dedication to your procedure and that you use the highest quality products in the market.
  • Life long commitment and product support with (Biotouch International Beauty Academy)
  • Student discounts on products
  • & more..

You can if you want to. if you don’t have a model, tell us and we will make sure to find you your BB Glow model to work on.

Yes you can! But you must bring your own BB Glow material! Make sure to book an appointment prior for us to prepare your practice room and if you want a model as well.

Questions You May Have about the BB Glow Service

  • Should keep the skin healthy, avoid sunlight before entering our service.
  • If the face has a lot of acne, you should not do it. Wait for the acne to heal first, before receiving the service.
  • Before entering the service of BB Glow, do not go through any laser procedure for at least 2 weeks.
  • Do not inject filler or Botox for at least 2 weeks

BB glow is a procedure where our Nano Applicator go on the surface of the epidermis only, we don’t go deep down.

The more or less pain depends on each of our customer’s because the pain tolerance of each person is different. But you don’t have to  worry about anything because the institute has anesthetic for you, from before starting, to during the process. Some of you may fall asleep or if not some of you may feel just a little pain. 

Our Institute uses effective anesthetics that went through high security passed inspection and testing by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Union (US FDA) (EU Tested), therefore there is nothing for you to be worrying about pain and safety vice.

The process will take about 1.30 hours

Fill in your profile information and take before pictures 

Deep cleanse the skin with products that are gentle on the skin

Wait for anesthetic to kick in for about 30 minutes

Start BB Glow procedure which takes about 30 minutes

Our Watershine Covered BB Glow has significant differences in the procedure process & the quality of ampoules compared to other BB Glow. This is more of an effective facial treatment to heal common skin problems rather than to just conceal with pigment.

Results vary depending on skin type. We recommend up to 3 sessions for best results. 

Yes, it is safe to get Hifu, Thermage or the Ultherapy treatment. Although, we do recommend to wait at least 2 weeks prior or after your BB Glow procedure.

If the customer has just a little rash or acne on the face, they are able to get the BB glow service. But in the case of a lot of rash or pimples, it is not a good idea to do the service.

After entering the BB Glow service you should avoid the sun and should apply sunscreen regularly. You should not wash your face after entering the BB glow service within 24 hours if necessary (If you cannot then use warm clean water to clean your face area. 

We don’t recommend you to use foam products or any cleansing gel. We recommend you to only use clean water to wash your face. Don’t use makeup within 24 hours for the best results (but if that is not avoidable then use mineral powder and clean brushes).

The result of BB Glow can be seen from the very first time after the procedure already. And in order to get the best results, it should be done continuously 3 times or more. The next service time should be 2 weeks away from the first one before receiving the next BB glow procedure.

Yes, it is safe to do laser treatment. Although, we do recommend to wait at least 2 weeks prior or after your BB Glow procedure.

Yes, it is safe to get fillers. Although, we do recommend to wait at least 2 weeks prior or after your BB Glow procedure.

BB Glow is a skin treatment which will help in reducing the looks of freckles and lightening of the skin tone. It additionally reduces skin discoloration caused by melasma, sun exposure and aging. It is recommended to do up to 3 BB Glow sessions for the best skin results!

Questions You May Have about the BB Glow Product

The procedure cannot be perfect with the superior-quality PMU cosmetics and cutting-edge equipment and machine. We emphasize excellent service and safety, including needles pre-sterilization disposable to prevent cross contamination of blood and body fluids. Furthermore, to ensure complete sanitation, the  instructors are strongly encouraged to use disposable barrier film on the operating machine and everything they touch during the procedure.

We use Biotouch’s Nano Applicator! The Biotouch Accupoint series needles/applicator are used for all permanent makeup procedures. Starting from our machine parts down to our needles, are all individually wrapped for all our clients safety. All our parts are designed with safety in mind, and are needles are made of surgical stainless steel T300 and most hygienic for the best and lasting results.

We use Leen Na Young ampoules. Covered BB is used  ampoule with natural color particles in it like BB Cream, which gives it the same effect as applying BB Cream on face after the procedure.

Here at BB Glow Bangkok we take pride with using only the best ampoules formulated in the market. LEEN by Master Lee Na Young of Pitangui Beauty Academy from Korea was specially created by doctors for clinical use. Besides that the ampoule are KFDA approved. We are the only distributor of LEEN Brand in Thailand.

Cool Vanilla: Cool Vanilla is a great ampoule for toning up your skin making your skin glow.

Warm Sand: Warm Sand is a great ampoule for a skin tone up for client’s with darker skin color, also to make the skin glow.

Rose: Rose ampoule is great for rosy cheeks (blushing).

Mocha: Mocha is great for for contouring your face shape for the most natural look.

Gold Serum: Gold Serum ampoule is great to make the skin glossy. Besides that it helps to speed up the reproduction of new skin cells.

STF140: For skin hydration and regeneration. Besides that it helps tone up, reduce scars and wrinkles.