Tida Wiwattada

Managing Director and Owner 

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen

Frank Lloyd Wright

About me

  • CEO Of Biotouch international Beauty Institute and BB Glow Bangkok
  • CEO and instructor of Bloodborne Pathogens and Body Art Training Group (Asia) that complies with Bloodborne Pathogens Standard of the USA occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • International Master Instructor Speaker of PMU and Beauty
  • Master Instructor of IBBA (International Beauty and Body Art Training Center)
  • Senior Executive consultant of Beauty Hospital & clinic for PMU department
  • Language spoken: Thai and English

I am Certified in..

  • Micropigmentation Course by Biotouch USA
  • 6HD Feather Touch by Biotouch USA
  • Advance Correction & Camouflage
  • Permanent Makeup by Biotouch USA
  • Paramedical by Biotouch USA
  • Instructor Course by Biotouch USA
  • Scalp Micropigmentation by Scalpa USA
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Course by OSHA , United State of America
  • Beauty Diplomas by International Contour Makeup Association , Korea
  • Permanent makeup World Conference 2016, Netherlands
  • Top and Toe Waxing by Caronlab, Australia
  • Professional Make up Course, Thailand
  • Physiognomy Face Course, Thailand
  • Best Business Awards 2017 by Department of Business development , Thailand
  • Scalp Tricopigmentation by Master Toni Belfatto , Italy

I am a Certified Speaker and Judge

  • Judge for Thailand Eyebrow Professional Award 2016 in Bangkok
  • Judge for Thailand Eyebrow Professional Awards 2017 in Ayutthaya
  • Guest Speaker and Judge for Permanent Makeup Entrepreneur Develop 2016 in Suan Dusit University
  • International Judge for International Beauty Competition 2018 ( IBC ) in Vietnam
  • International Judge for International Beauty Competition 2018 in Kunming China
  • International Judge for International Beauty Competition 2019 ( IBC ) , Vietnam
I started working in the customer service field since I was 20 years old and always loved being surrounded by different people with different backgrounds and nationalities providing them the best service possible because I found love in making other people happy. My passion is not only being around people giving them great service but is also makeup, I think a lot of other women would say the same. Women and beauty is a vocabulary that just goes together very well like two puzzle pieces. I wanted to find the best possible career where I can combine both customer service and makeup together where the safety of the customers are our number 1 concern. Safety and health is also a big worry for me; having a family background on cancer cases. In fact, I had been in the body tattooing industry before, importing tattoo supply for Thai tattoo artists. But back then, they couldn’t find any safe products in the market to do permanent makeup for eyebrows for their clients. So I started to do some research and was strongly interested in BioTouch’s PMU expertise and so my career started. I did not only want to aim to sell superior-quality PMU cosmetics and cutting-edge equipment and machine but also was aiming to provide excellent services and training to people who believe everyone can wake up beautiful! Today BioTouch has expanded its realm in selling its products and having authorized facilities in more than 44 countries but only two countries are recognized by BioTouch with training centers: One in California, USA and another one in Bangkok, Thailand. To this date more than 70,000 permanent makeup artists around the world have been professionally and successfully trained with Biotouch methods. We also focus ultimately on safety standards.
Certified Studio
Tida Wiwattada
Managing Director and Owner

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Meet The BB Glow Bangkok Family

BB Glow Bangkok are international instructors from Biotouch International Beauty institute and opening the world of BB Glow in Bangkok for the first time! We are trained by the pioneer herself Lee Na Young, from Pitangui Beauty Academy from Korea and are here in Thailand to teach this amazing yet simple procedure.

Tida Wiwattada

Owner, Managing Director, Master Instructor and Specialist

Thani Chow

Owner and Brand Director of SEA

Cindy Chow

Owner and Master Instructor and Specialist

Nuttiyaporn Lertprasit

Office Manager & Marketing Assistant

Apichat Siriew

Master Instructor and Specialist

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Master Instructor and Specialist

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Instructor and Specialist

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Master Instructor and Specialist

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