Nuttiyaporn Lertprasit

Office Manager & Marketing Assistant

Persistence is the most traveled path to success.

Bryant H. McGill

About me

  • Office Manager and Marketing Assistant Of Biotouch international Beauty Institute and BB Glow Bangkok
  • Graduated from Bangkok University International, Major in Entrepreneurship in 2018
  • Bilingual program – English-Mathematics Sarasas Pittaya School from 2007 – 2012
  • Managing Director at Seoul Chic Bazaar (Korean-Thai designer) from 2013 – 2016
  • Language spoken: Thai and English

I am Certified in..

  • Watershine Covered BB Glow Technician by Pitagui Lee Na Young Academy
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Course by OSHA , United State of America
I am a person that always like science or an explanation to every question I have, in fact I always wanted to be a Brain or skin Doctor when I was young.. I also love being surrounded by people, well I am quite extroverted..! Moreover, I am always super interested in what different industries there is, to gain expertise in a little bit of everything.. I wouldn't claim I love makeup and beauty and that's why I am working with Biotouch.. I am working here because I realized that I can gain so much different knowledge in this company, it is not a big cooperate with a lot of employees so you'll get to learn so much + it feels like a family business which I love. Also to mention is that I get to learn about the skin as well.. so my childhood dream kind of came true..
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Nuttiyaporn Lertprasit
Office Manager & Marketing Assistant

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Meet The BB Glow Bangkok Family

BB Glow Bangkok are international instructors from Biotouch International Beauty institute and opening the world of BB Glow in Bangkok for the first time! We are trained by the pioneer herself Lee Na Young, from Pitangui Beauty Academy from Korea and are here in Thailand to teach this amazing yet simple procedure.

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Nuttiyaporn Lertprasit

Office Manager & Marketing Assistant

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