Apichat Siriveaw

Master Instructor and Specialist

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Kenneth J Hutchins

About me

  • Master Instructor of Biotouch international Beauty Institute and BB Glow Bangkok
  • Instructor of Bloodborne Pathogens and Body Art Training Group (Asia) that complies with Bloodborne Pathogens Standard of the USA occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Master Instructor of IBBA (International Beauty and Body Art Training Center)
  • Secondary education – Rathuek Kok Wittayasanwit – Mathematics school
  • Bachelor’s degree – Rattana Bundit University Faculty of Business Administration Management
  • Experience – Nail Art Teacher 3-4 years
  • Language spoken: Thai 

I am Certified in..

  • Paramedical Method Breast Pigmentation Course 2019
  • Master Feather Touch Biotouch Microblading Course 2019
  • Master Class Thailand PMU Conference 2018
  • Diploma: Watershine Covered BB Technician by Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy 2019
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Infection Control for Body Art Professional 2017
  • Biotouch International Beauty Institute certificate in Mini Course: Mink Eyelash Extension 2017
  • Certificate of Participation Evolution of Lash Industry 2017
  • Micropigmentation Biotouch Permanent Makeup Course 2016
  • Feather Touch Eyebrow Biotouch Permanent Makeup Course 2016
Before working in the permanent make up path, I started working with nails first. I personally always liked Arts since I was young. I used to have a dream to become an architect. However, with high competition in that field and with the exams being very difficult, I have decided to study something else that is completely different from what I like, which is business administration. In my free time after studying, I love to draw a picture or do make-up for friends on various occasions. That is the reason why I have enough knowledge in this field. During the summer break, I had the opportunity to practice manicure and have the opportunity to work during the summer of every year until graduation. I have then become a manicure instructor, I even won many domestic and international awards. I then had the chance to get to know the permanent make up path. At first, I didn’t think I could do it, I also didn’t had the confidence and didn’t really like it. But after trying it out for a while, I felt that it is a job that I am good at and love to do. From my experiences and love in this field, I had the opportunity to teach and create a career for many people, for them to succeed in this field. This makes me feel even more valuable working in this field. Thank you for the great opportunity “Biotouch Thailand” that has allowed me to be where I am right now.
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Apichat Siriveaw
Master Instructor and Specialist

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BB Glow Bangkok are international instructors from Biotouch International Beauty institute and opening the world of BB Glow in Bangkok for the first time! We are trained by the pioneer herself Lee Na Young, from Pitangui Beauty Academy from Korea and are here in Thailand to teach this amazing yet simple procedure.

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